Certification in industrial service

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  • PED 97/23/EC

    Product certification – assembler of equipment under pressure, depending on the selected module (compliance assessment procedure / material producer’s approval / attachment I, item 4.4.);

  • ASME

    Producer certification – assembler of pressure equipment in line with sections 1, 5 and 8;

  • AD-2000 HP0

    Producer certification – assembler of pressure equipment / material producer’s approval in line with chapter 3.3. and TDR 100;

  • EN ISO 3834

    Producer certification – Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials;

  • EN 1090

    Certification of steel constructions producers.

  • Supervision over energy facilities

  • EN 9606-1

    Certification of welders in line with EN 9606-1

CE Mark for products in line with

  • 2006/42/EZ

    directive on machinery

  • 2009/48/EC

    directive on the safety of toys

  • 2006/95/EZ

    low voltage directive

  • 2004/108/EC

    directive on electromagnetic compatibility

  • CPR 305/2011

    construction products regulation